Earn CASH & FREE Collagen


We WANT you to succeed!  Learn how to have others join you on your collagen journey so you can have great success and get healthy for free!

Tell others what you are using, have them join you and start getting paid!  

The intention of your first post is to be authentically enthusiastic about why you have decided to get started on your collagen journey. By sharing your excitement with your FB network, you will naturally generate a level of curiosity with your friends who will want to know more about what you’re doing.



STEP 1. 

Before you post, change your settings and include your friends.

To maximize your exposure and make sure your post is seen by your friends, make sure you complete all steps below. This will allow our team to bump your post to the top of the Newsfeed.

Change Your Settings

  1. On Facebook, on blue tool bar, click on the upside down arrow in the upper right corner.  

  2. Go to Settings.
    Left hand side of screen
    Click Public Posts and change who can comment on my public posts to public.  

  3. Once you post, change your post to PUBLIC. Go to your post, next to your name look for the GREY PEOPLE Icon. Click on it and change it to public. The people icon will turn into a world icon. (Your page will still be private, but everyone will be able to comment on your post).

Include Your Friends

By following the steps below you will change up the FB algorithms so the FB friends of your choosing will be sure to see your post. 
  1. Go to your FB Timeline

  2. Click on your Friends tab, your Friends list opens.

  3. Think of the people you'd love to have join you on your journey.

  4. Scroll through your Friends list. When you see a Friend you'd like to have join you, hover over their name, right click, and choose "Open link in  new tab".

  5. Once you have 5-10 new tabs open, go to their pages, and genuinely comment on one of their posts.
    *The more Friends you comment on, the more effective your post will be.


STEP 2. 

Create your perfect post. 

NOTE: We recommend NOT saying Isagenix. Call or text your sponsor right after you post to let them know you've posted!!

​Option 1: If you already LOVE your Collagen

Example 1:

Skin, hair, nails, complexion, gut health and many more benefits have come from the type one collagen elixir that I’ve been using the past 3 months. 
I’ve used it along with my everyday skincare routine and check out my results! I’m thrilled! 
My skin is so much brighter, hydrated, and healthy. I rarely have had any issues with breakouts even when it’s that (time) which was something that regularly happened to me each month. 
I truly believe this product has helped my skin for the better in so many ways. 
It has ten years of science in the making of it with 200 scientists and 50 doctors which was the main reason I’ve decided to give it a try. If you or anyone you know want to get a 30 day RISK FREE trial, I’m happy to help! 


Example 2:

OMG! I cannot believe this amazing and delicious daily drink. It’s like a whole body age rewind! I kept seeing these before and after pics posted by my friend, Bethanny, about a type one liquid marine collagen product. I was very skeptical, but then they had a special going on where I could get an extra box for free with my order, so I decided to give it a try. It’s cheaper than skin tightening treatments and injections. It also has a money back guarantee, so that made me feel better.


I am only two weeks in and I am SHOCKED at my results already! I can literally feel my skin getting firmer. I just learned the special promotion with the free box was extended through this Sunday, so if any of you want to give it a try, let me know. Bethanny can hook you up with wholesale pricing and if you don't like it for whatever reason, you get your money back!

​Option2: If you just ordered your Collagen

Many of you know that I am always searching for ways to age more youthfully and do so trying products that cross my path. I recently was introduced to a type one liquid marine collagen that you drink daily and it tastes like white grape juice. Once my friend shared some before and after photos, I was sold! I just ordered my box and am getting started right away.


It has ten years of science in the making of it with 200 scientists and 50 doctors which was the main reason I’ve decided to give it a try. If you or anyone you know want to get a 30 day RISK FREE trial, I’m happy to help!

STEP 3. 

When people comment on your post, asking for info. 


A. Reply to their comment in the thread: 
Jane, I will PM you. (Make sure to tag their name and make it a personal message) 


B. Send them a private message 

Hi there, I'm so excited you are interested in learning more about the collagen elixir. I will send you an invite to our private Facebook group, called Own Your Life Ventures where you can learn more. It's filled with education and inspiration. You will love it! You will need to accept the invite to join, so keep an eye out. You may see it in your notifications or you can click this link and it will take you there. 
I will tag you in a welcome post and share a video with you.

C. Also message the people that LIKED your post
Hey, thank you so much for liking my status. I've been so blessed with my results (or whatever it is you've experienced). I would love to give you some more information on it if you're open to it. If they are open to learning more, send them a similar message to the one directly above (3b)..... Great, I will send you an invite to our private Facebook group, called Own Your Life Ventures where you can learn more. etc.

STEP 4. 

Add them to your team's FB product group, Own Your Life Ventures


A. Make sure to Print these documents

  This will teach you how to use the system.
 Everyone you add should be written on your Follow Up Sheets.

STEP 5. 

Add value to Own Your Life Ventures


The people that are active in Own Your Life Ventures enroll the most people. 

The Group is designed to help you overcome your prospect’s objections through additional exposures to testimonials, articles, videos, inspiration and community support. People may enroll right away or it can take an average of 4-12 exposures before someone makes a decision — this method expedites that process significantly.
This 5 minute video will teach you how to ensure your friends will see content from OYLV in their Newsfeed. 

Quick Recap Of Steps:
Reply to their comment on your post, private message them, add them to the group, text your sponsor, do a welcome post, share the video in the comments, 24-48 hours start the 3-way message.